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Hi everyone!

This week, as we have been wrapping up our time in London, we have been reflecting upon some of the memories made with our amazing [tor]mentor Arnab Chakladar…

Some of our favorite highlights include:

  1. There is only one man, one legend, one Arnab.
    • Brandon Fabel ’18
  2. “helloooo, proud.”
    • Proud Chanarat ’19
  3. Setting: Liverpool, 14 hungry students, Arnab and family in search of a place to eat. Student (joking): “Arnab I’m surprised you didn’t scope out the Liverpool food scene beforehand.” Arnab (dead-serious): I’ve been researching it for two days.
    • Grace Johnson ’18
  4. My favorite memory of Arnab is when he said that he just assumes that everything bad comes from me.
    • Maggie Goldberger ’19
  5. I got nothin.
    • Matt Pruyne ’17
  6. “this is an absolute dictatorial system of ordering.”
    • Laudie Porter ’18
  7. How Arnab refuses to admit that we are all Uncle Carl.
    • Kayla Frank ’18
  8. When I said: “Oh great Arnab’s in our group, now we won’t be scared” at Alice Underground, 20 seconds later, he jumped out and scared me.
    • Meredith Bergman ’19
  9. How he always says “i’m always right.”
    • Natty Maneerit ’18
  10. When our genius teacher Arnab couldn’t figure out how to put a wooden stick in a hole to simulate the sound of a bee at Kew Gardens… I’m still not sure if he got it to work or if he just felt embarrassed and said that he did.
    • Hannah Aylward ’19
  11. Random Drunk Guy: “Are you with them?”, Arnab: “no.”
    • Joe Brommel ’18
  12.  Arnab took Maggie and me out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. After, the three of us were looking for an ice-cream place for our birthday dessert. We hadn’t found one yet (it had only been five minutes) when Arnab said “okay i’m going home” and walked off.
    • Nathaniel Chew ’19
  13. When Arnab offered to pay for any of us who got a #LP17ForLife tattoo.
    • Katherine Jones ’18
  14. Although I have shared many laughs with Arnab, my favorite and most recent memory is him admitting, “it’s true edylwise: you are indeed awesome. don’t ever change.”
    • Edylwise Romero ’19

We don’t know if Arnab will end up posting this for the public’s pleasure. But if he does, feel free to take this online quiz to see if you are as awesome as our new, favorite teacher (don’t tell him that we said that… his ego is already big enough).

With Love,

Arnab’s new, favorite 14 students


*mic drop*

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